MBA (Master in Business Administration)
Name of book Availability
MS-01 Management Functions and Behaviour Available
MS-02 Management Of Human Resources Available
MS-03 Economic And Social Environment Available
MS-04 Accounting And Finance For Managers Available
MS-05 Management of Machines & Materials Available
MS-06 Marketing For Managers Available
MS-07 Information Systems For Managers Available
MS-08 Quantitative Analysis For Managerial Applications Available
MS-09 Managerial Economics Available
MS-10 Organizational Design Development And Change Available
MS-11 Strategic Management Available
MS-21 Social Processes And Behavioural Issues Available
MS-22 Human Resource Develoment Available
MS-23 Human Resource Planning Available
MS-24 Employment Relations Available
MS-25 Managing Change In Organizations Available
MS-26 Organizational Dynamics Available
MS-27 Wage And Salary Administration Available
MS-28 Laour Law Available
MS-41 Working Capital Management Available
MS-42 Capital Investment And Financing Decision Available
MS-43 Management Control Systems Available
MS-44 Security Analysis And Portfolio Management Available
MS-45 International Financial Management Available
MS-46 Management Of Financial Services Available
MS-52 Project Management Available
MS-65 Marketing of Services Available
MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management Available
MS-95 Research Methodology For Management Decisions Available
MS-96 Total Quality Management Available
MBA Entrance Guide Book Available