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--Arun Soni(Software Engineer)

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Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA) Ignou books
IGNOU BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications Books for IGNOU . You will get five years back solved exam Papers and Important Exam Material

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BCA I sem MRP(in Rs.)
CS-610 (Foundation Course in English for Computing) 140
BSHF-101 (Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences)

English Medium

BSHF-101 (Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences)

Hindi Medium

CS-611 (Computer Fundamentals) 140
BCA II sem  
CS-612 (P.C. Software application skills)


CS-60 (Foundation Course in Math for Computing) 180
CS-62 ("C Programming & Data Structure) 180
BCA III sem  
FST (Foundation Course in Science & Technology)

English Medium

FST (Foundation Course in Science & Technology)

Hindi Medium

CS-63 (Introduction to System Software) 160
CS-05 (Elements of System analysis and Design) 160
BCA IV sem  
CS-06 (Introduction to DBMS) 160
CS-64 (Introduction to Computer Organisation) 180
CS-65 (Windows Programming) 100
CS-66 (Multimedia) 140
CS-67 (RDBMS LAB) 100
BCA V sem  
CS-68 (Computer Network) 140
BCS-061/CS-69 (TCP/IP Programming) 140
CS-70 (Introduction to Software Engineering) 160
CS-71 (Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques) 160
BCA VI sem  
CS-72 (C++ & Object-Oriented Programming) 180
CS-73 (Theory of Computer Sciences) 140
CS-74 (Introduction to Internet Programming JAVA, ACTIVEX) 140
CS-75 (Intranet Administration) 140
CS-76 Final Project Report 3500